Wants and Needs

The Lincoln Park location will be closed this weekend due to the Charles Staley Olympic Lifting Seminar.  Classes will be held at the West Loop location only at 9am, 10am, and 11am Saturday and at 10am on Sunday.

The Urbanatheletes will be meeting tomorrow at the climbing wall in Lower Hutchinson Field between 7 and 7:30. The first wave starts at 7:45. Here’s the link from the website for best places to watch.

Megan sportin’ a new hairdo, rockin’ some box jumps.

Close Grip Bench Press 1RM (30X0 tempo)

For Time:
2K Row
Compare to 12Jan10.

Post – 50 ring dips


Wants and Needs
-Bryce Wood

If you attended the Paleo Challenge Meeting on Saturday or are just a member trying to improve yourself, can you evaluate the difference between wants and needs? Anytime I’ve ever closed out any kind of Paleo discussion with anyone, I always get countless, “what about…”, “I like to…”, “is it ok if…” I get it. We all NEED things to keep us moving through the day. Just evaluate the difference between your wants and needs.

If you’ve never gone Paleo before this is an enormous challenge for you. So, evaluate what you have been eating and decide what are your wants and needs in the dietary department. Do you need bread and cheese or do you want it? Is it going to help you get closer to your goal or make it that much more difficult? Can you survive the day without it? I get all of these questions, and I’ve dealt with them myself. Personally, I’d like to think you can find enough happiness in other outlets in life besides eating.

How much time in a day do you spend eating? Probably less than an hour of actual consumption. How much time of the day do you spend paying for eating all the things that spike your insulin levels and add fat to your body? If you’re a chronic overeater, most likely, the answer is all day. I enjoy going out to eat as much as anyone, and I enjoy eating food that I know is bad for me as much as anyone. Note: EVERYONE ENJOYS THE TASTE OF UNHEALTHY FOOD!! The real question is do you have enough willpower to decide that it’s probably not the best call for you?


  1. Peter B says

    Hello CFC family. I have tried to post a few times over the last few weeks, but the blog was upset that I left so it was sending some of my post to the spam folder. Thanks to Jonny and Rudy, I am back in the game. I have been on the road for two weeks now. Work life is pretty great, long hours on the weekends, and busy days, but it has been a blast.

    I have been able to fit in five trips to various Box’s for WOD’s and done many pushups/air squats/ burpess and runs in-between. Here are the WODS I have done on the road at various locations thus far.

    Box 1: Thursday 9/30: Karma Crossfit, Manhattan Beach, CA
    Very small little space, about the size of the main level of our Box, the owner/coach was an awesome guy and very welcoming. He put me through a fun gymnastics type of warm up in which I did five rounds of:
    5 L pull ups
    3 muscle up progressions with heels on floor in front of me
    10 sec lever hold on the parallets (put your hand in front of you, between your legs, and lift from there)
    I also worked on some weird types of handstands that were very difficult (basically position your hands reverse on the ground that your normally would)

    The WOD: 20-15-10-5
    Thrusters (95lbs)
    5:46 (solid time, I was a little fatigued from traveling the entire day before and not eating great)

    Box 2. Tuesday 10/5/10 and Wednesday 10/6/10 Crossfit Freemont (about 10miles south of Oakland, CA, and 30miles from San Fran)
    Very small little place, it was basically two trailers connected long ways. They have only been open since April. Again, the owner was very welcoming and the crew was great. However, because they are still fairly new, they are working on a lot of the basic things still. It was fun to get back to the basics and take a look at my form on many of the lifts.

    Tuesday WOD: FULL CINDY!!! I have never taken her on for the full 20 min.
    I was feeling great on this particular day and was able to push out 24 rounds. I walked away feeling pretty great about this one.

    Wednesday: They were really focusing on Power Snatch skill work.
    I was able to work up to 165 feeling pretty good, but the wheels fell off at 175lbs. I was getting it up and over my head fairly easy, but not stabilizing. All in all, not too upset about this day.

    Box 3. Crossfit Strong (North Dallas, TX)
    HUGE space (18,000 sq/ft I think)
    I have to be honest here, Crossfit Chicago is my true love and the best Box in the Nation, but of the eight other’s I have been too, Crossfit Strong is in second place.
    All of the athletes had a ton of energy, the warm ups were fun and energetic, and the WODs were pretty challenging and had some stud athletes in them. I still know our box would in a competition. I sent a picture to Jonny and Bryce of the space, it was pretty basic, but very open, I’m sure rent in North Dallas is a bit more affordable then Lincoln Park, Chicago.

    Wednesday 10/13/10 WOD
    400m run
    10 pass throughs
    10 clean squats (PVC)
    15 wall ball power cleans (choose your own weight)
    10 pull ups
    2x10sec L hold
    5 rds
    400M Run
    5 front squats (RX 115)
    15 pull ups
    17:14: this was very tough after two days of driving from San Fran to Dallas (29 total hours in a car) I really was wrecked for about 15 min after. Not 100% sure why, but my diet was lacking all together, I don’t each much during long drives because there are not many healthy options. (I gave up all burger-based fast food 1.5 years ago and about 99% of all other fast food in the last year) I also do not drink pop unless it is mixed in a cocktail. I do still dable in Arby’s from time to time and will eat Subway.

    Thursday 10/14/10
    WOD: It was one of their members 18th birthday so they did a Bday WOD (10/14 is the date and the girl is 18 years old) so 10/14/18

    5 rds
    10 ring dips
    14 power snatch (75lbs)
    18 wall balls (20lbs)

    I asked one of the coaches what the best time of the day was up to that point and he said just under 14 minutes, so I was off on a mission and made it!!!
    13:09. One other guy beat me, he was around 12:40ish, but I would put him in Alex’s league, so I was not worried about that.

    Then the head coach challenged me to a Post WOD challenge that they call “Leg Jammers” 24 of each for time
    24-Air Squats
    24-Walking Lunges
    24-Jumping Lunges
    24-jumping air squats (must open fully and come at least 1 in off the ground)
    I think my time was 1:17 give or take a few seconds. It is a pretty fun fast challenge.

    All in all life has been pretty great so far, but I do miss the CFC family. If you have read this much of my post, I appreciate it. I am doing my best to represent CFC across America. I will try to keep my post more up to date in the future. Until next time Mind over Matter.

  2. Cam says

    Got this one done last night.

    Tempo Close Grip Bench: 225

    2K: 7:14.4

    Wasn’t sure how to pace this one. Pulled the 1st 500 way too hard and had to slow my pace down to regain my breathing. Under 7 is doable just have to be smarter next time.

  3. carp says

    Bench close grip 30×0 1rm: 180#
    2k row: 7:30:0 on the dot. My first 2k row and it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. I’m not sure if its the four days of pale or that its 3k less than a 5k!
    Post: 50 ring dips: 10-10-10-6-6-5-3
    Happy Friday!

  4. Ali G says

    Gina and Julie –

    Are you guys on Facebook? That might be an easy way to stay in touch during the week. I also created a blog but need to start posting again. Let me know what will work for you.


  5. Jean says

    Nice to hear from Peter B.
    Hotel workout: 3 rounds
    800m run
    25 one-arm ring rows
    25 DB one-arm push press (15#)
    Runs were at 12-minute pace, but felt pretty good. Ring rows tough w/ one arm. Learned that I really do need to eat before I WOD. Today I ate; yesterday I didn’t, and I felt so horrible that I aborted the WOD I planned. Today I felt pretty good.

  6. Gina says

    Hey Alison, I added you on facebook just now

    And Julie, my last name is Pelehac so you can just search me on Facebook when you get the chance.

    Y’all ready to win this thing? 😉

  7. Ali G says

    Julie, my last name is Gamble so add me, too. I’m ready to win! Let’s do it!

    Peter B – There’s an awesome sushi place in Manhattan Beach, CA that we all went to during the games. Megan, Karen C, Erin C, Mandie and I all shared this awesome lobster sushi. (If you go back there for work you should ask Skins and Jeni for the name.)

  8. Chris says

    Close grip bench – 260#

    Stopped there, no fails…tempo not quite perfect…a bit too fast in the bottom half of the eccentric.

    No 2k but PR is 6:46. Couldn’t touch that one right now.

  9. says

    2K row:

    Time – 8:00.3

    Whoa … i didnt think this was going to feel this way. I was sure it was going to be a sub 8. My PR is right around 7:50’s. Ive improved my 500’s to pull in sub 1:50’s so I thought pulling a 1:55-1:57 would be easy. WRONG. Lost it after 1000m. It was a struggle just to get my time.

  10. terry L. says

    Close Grip Bench 30×0 #100

    2k Row 8:49.6 Really enjoyed the row.

    Worked on banded (blue) dead hang pull ups – With the assistance of the band, i thought it would be a lot easier, but it was not.

    Good luck to all of the Urbanathletes, have a good time!

    Peter, It was great hearing from you. Keep blogging!

  11. Erin O' says

    2k Row:

    PR is 7:31.8 (March 2010). Ideally had hoped to beat it, but honestly will take coming close to matching today. I still really enjoy rowing and this was a good reminder to do it more often. I think with some more consistent work a sub 7:30 is within reach. In fact, I’m making that my new “fun” crossfit goal!

  12. Skins says

    I hurt my right right shoulder with my crummy clean technique and it was really sore this am so I skipped the close grip bench, very not like me!

    My 2k PR is 7:11, so my goal today was sub 7

    I did NOT game plan this correctly and left a whole bunch of gas in the tank. I am usually so wrecked after the 2k row that i am rolling around the box in agony afterwards but today I wasn’t even tired, no bacon sizzle and was able to pull a 1:32 split for the last 250m…..I am going to give this another shot next week!


    Good luck to everyone at the race tomorrow and a very Happy Birthday to Erin C!!!!!!

  13. Ali G says

    Close grip bench press – 85# (90#F)

    2K: 8:26 (Same time as my March PR)
    Should’ve timed my sprints better. I could’ve done better.

    Post WOD:
    50 ring dips using a blue band

    Nutrition talk with Bryce. No more banana chips…

  14. Eric K.M. says

    Close grip bench press – #205 (#215f)
    I have found that I am getting very close to PRs using these slower techniques (215 is my regular BP PR)

    2K Row- 1:48:9
    PR by .7 seconds.
    These rows always kill me and today was no different. I need to make sure that I keep every pull <2

  15. Brett L says

    Close grip bench press – 185#
    2k row- 8.56. That will get better.
    50 ring dips – 3, 1, 1 1. . . .1, 1. Done. Bye.

  16. Eren (The Turk) says

    Close grip bench press 1 rep max @ 135#, almost had 140#, next time

    2k was around 8:38, kinda what I had in mind in terms of current fitness levels, should definitely be around 8:10-15 next time around

    Post workout: 50 ring dips, went 15-10-10-10-5, used a band to help me get used to the floating feeling

    GL to all Urbanathletes.

  17. Nate says

    CG tempo bench 1 rm: 215, failed on 225

    2k row: 6:59.4

    Should’ve gone out a little harder on the row. Have never done a 2k row so really wasn’t sure how to pace it out. Post ring dips took forever, I need to get a lot stronger at these.

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