Tuesday 16Dec08


21-15-9 reps of:

225# Deadlift

Handstand push ups

Post times to comments.

Compare to 26Aug08.


Erin and Antonia post workout last night.


  1. The Dragon says

    Zack make sure you post your time as well (6:44) for your workouts. Zack is the first, let’s call it “Dragon Slayer” that I’ve released into the wild after a strong showing in the Foundations course. This guy’s a monster so prepare for him to set the bar in many wods to come. I’ve got a few more disciples in the pipeline, so keep your intensity up if you want to hang with the Slayers…

  2. Emily says

    185# DLs (as rx’ed for women–we think)
    HSPU on 2 stacked ab mats

    This is my first WOD attempting HSPUs without a box. They are hard.

  3. The Dragon says

    Nice Em. crazy how fast those hspu’s came along. was it not a week or 2 ago when you just tried one out for fun? now if we could get those double unders going you’ll be unstoppable

  4. Rudy says

    You hear that Em. That’s the nice way of Alex saying you better get workin on those F’in double-unders! Ha ha ha. Maybe we should start making it mandatory to do 10 double unders to participate for certain people….

  5. The Dragon says

    and i’m not immune to needing work on things either such as…ANY type of presses (one day i’ll have respectable #s, but for the time being erick continues to be my motivation with his pressing prowess), i just tried a front lever (google it) last night & it seems impossible, o-lifting form/technique, hspu’s, & i could go on & on. btw the crossfit movie trailer was pretty impressive. josh everett continues to be my crossfit hero. he may be up there in my book with strongman mariusz pudzianowski (at least Emily knows of this TRUE animal)

  6. Alison says

    135# DLs
    Box HSPU

    I will join Em next time for HSPU. Also, I think I may fall into that “certain people” category Rudy speaks of…however, Em and I were able to rock a double-under out on Saturday:) Might not sound like mcuh but coming from Em and I it is quite impressive, right Em? =)

  7. Emily says

    Heck yeah! Rudy, you should have seen how excited Alison and I were to get our first double unders on Saturday. I can’t string them together without putting a jump in between yet, but we’re making progress!

  8. PatrycjaD says


    Can you recommend a workout that I can do at my local gym while I am out from CF?

    Nothing with Handstand PushUps please- last time I fell backwards. :O

  9. Christina says

    Checking in again. Dave and I are just over the halfway hump in our strength training program! Things are going well except that I didn’t get my last couple of reps on cleans and deadlift. Will repeat those workouts next time.

    deadlift 180 x 4 (did not get last rep)
    back squat 135 x 5 x 3
    bench 105 x 5 x 3
    clean 80 x 5 x 2 (did not get last 2 reps of 3rd set)
    shldr press 55 x 5 x 3

    deadlift 285 x 5
    back squat 185 x 5 x 3
    bench 145 x 5 x 3
    clean 130 x 5 x 3
    shldr press 115 x 5 x 3

  10. Rudy says

    Patrycja, Just sub a 45# shoulder press… for now. Make sure flat back on those deadlifts!!! Email me if you have any questions.

  11. erick says

    alex here’s some of the stuff i’ve done over the years to get the bench up.

    1. max out roughly every 14 days. i know this sounds excessive, but you’ve gotta get your frame used to lifting heavier weight.

    2. move from standard to close grip. works the same muscle groups but puts more stress on the triceps. you and i both have long arms, as a result having strong triceps is a LOT more important to a big bench than a strong chest.

    3. make heavy dumbell bench one of your key secondary exercises. this allows for greater range of motion in the shoulder, adding to the amout of explosiveness you’ll have under the bar.

    4. if you can, do incline press regularly. like dumbells this hyperextends the pec muscle group.

    ahhh all the crap i’ve done to bench more…

  12. erick says

    …oh and i’m pretty sure mariusz pudzianowski has had chemical assistance. but so are all the guys he competes against. 😉

  13. the dragon says

    1. cln and jerk; work up to 80%x1x10
    2. back sqt: work up to 80%x3x10
    3. core work

    C & J – 180#

    Back Squat – 310# for first 2 sets but wasn’t happy with my range of motion so went down to 295# for sets 3-10.

    Core Work – Jacknifes on the rings, leg raises hollow & arch rocks

    Thanks for the knowledge Erick. Just gotta continue to work on the bench & maybe more importantly for crossfit shoulder presses, jerks, etc. & one day I may be happy with those exercises

  14. AndrewM says

    Diet Diane:
    Deadlift 135 (taking it easy on back)
    HSPU as rxd no ab mat
    I didn’t properly time it, but shockingly I think close to 10 mins.

    Deadlift was broken 14,7 on the first set, did 15 and 9 unbroken

    HSPU were very broken ha. I had no abmat or anything which was nice, but at the same time it made it very tough! Probably I strung 7 together at most, very light kipping, not like I used to trying to get strength back.

  15. Bryce says

    Diane – 11:08

    Deadlifts were 225 and closer to RDL’s. HSPU were done with kipping after about the first 10 or so. There were many failed attempts in there as well. Used the thin foam pad to protect the head, so probably 1/4″ from the floor. Didn’t work that well, since currently that is the only thing sore on my body.

  16. Dave says

    Alex, look into the Sheiko routines for some pressing ideas. You’re already doing that kind of volume and percentage for the Mike’s Gym WODs you’re doing (how are you responding to that, btw? 2 days in a row of semi high volume squatting looks tough even for me being used to squatting 2-3 times a week) for the lower body.

    If you have time for strict pressing work as well I’d consider doing something like that. I modified it to replace bench press with strict overhead and after a month I am tossing up weights for 5×3 that I couldn’t get for singles before. Might be tough to work into your day but it shouldn’t interfere with jerk work at least… you’d probably have to drop any push pressing for the time being though. Anyway, it’s totally possible and quite beneficial to press three days a week.

    Also, don’t sell yourself short. Aside from the olympic stuff, which he has had years of specific training for, you can hang with Everett on everything else. Probably not Mariusz though 🙂 We do need to see what you can do with some farmers handles one of these days.

  17. Paul C says

    205lb deadlifts
    breakdown: 7/7/7;8/7;9

    also, successfully pulled off double-unders without killing myself. Can’t really string multiples together yet, will work on it . . .

  18. Rudy says

    10:36 Man do I miss the comfort of an abmat. My last time 26Aug was 5:09 and I was excitied about doing 15 Dls straight. This time:
    HSPU: 13,4,4/3,3,3,2,1,1,1,1/1,1,2,2,1,1,1
    I don’t think I really needed to break up the deadlifts, but wasn’t too motivated to get back to the handstands. Didn’t count any faders even if they got locked out. There was one in the 9set that I probably should have counted but didn’t.

  19. Tim R. says

    195# at 12:54. First time taking this bad girl for a spin. Done in am after pm FGB. On DL’s keep in a tuck as long as you can to push off your heels—pulled my ass out in the early reps. Done in (10,6,5), (6,5,4), (5,4). Took alot of pauses–look forward to improvement. HSPUs done on 2 AB mats which made a difference. Started in a down position with a kip. Then did 10 reps after workout from the up position with a kip–without problems. Next time, start from the up position with one AB mat.

  20. Joey Swidler says

    Diane at #195


    Looking forward to upping the weight next time. Alex and Tim – thanks for helping me on those final deadlifts of each round…as I got more tired I rounded my back more and more. HSPU’s felt good. Not necessarily a really tiring workout, but a heavy one.

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