ErinA on some pull-ups!

Press 5-5-5

For Time: (25 min cap)
20 Handstand Push-ups
40 Pull-ups
60 Wall Balls (20/14)
80 Double-unders
10 Handstand Push-ups
20 Pull-ups
30 Wall Balls
40 Double-Unders
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 Pull-ups
15 Wall Balls
20 Double-Unders

Post – Ring Push-up 4 x AMRAP (60 seconds rest)

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Emily Yates’ Testimonal.

Growing up and even through college I was always part of various athletic teams. I played field hockey, soccer, softball, basketball and tennis. Throughout those years I worked out hard on my own, with my teammates, and with many different personal trainers. However, it was not until Crossfit that I learned what pushing myself both physically and mentally truly meant. The workouts in Crossfit were short yet grueling and proved to me that my body was capable of doing so much more then I had ever imagined. The improvements I saw in my physical strength and my physique were impressive and motivating. After only a couple of months of training at Crossfit Chicago I was able to lift more weight than I had ever expected, and could complete exercises that I had never been able to do, even in elementary school. One of my proudest moments while being a part of Crossfit was when I completed my first EVER unassisted pull up! This was something that sense childhood I had always wanted to be able to do, but never had the upper body strength to pull myself up above the bar. After that pull the entire gym erupted with cheers and applauds.
It is not only the physical benefits of Crossfit that make me appreciate being part of Chicago Crossfit, but it is the community that I had become a part of that truly made the experience so special. Never before had I been supported and encouraged the way I am when I am working out at the box. The coaches and members help to push you to become the best you that you can be. Every person in the gym is invested in helping you to reach your goals. After completing a workout at Crossfit Chicago I always leave the box feeling like I have accomplished something great and that I am a champion!


  1. AllDay says

    Joining the morning crew for the next few weeks:

    Press, 5-5-5 (1RM: #155)


    Bryce’s “Welcome Back” WOD, Rx’d: 17:16

    I saw this workout last night as I was finishing up a burger and fries. I had to laugh to myself in the middle of it, as I estimate the extra 5 lbs. I’m carrying around added at least two minutes to my time. Just tried to get through this one. Bryce, good reminder on why we eat healthy.

    No time for post.

  2. Bryce says

    Nice article Emily!

    AM Workout

    21-18-15-12-9 reps of:
    Power Snatch (115)/Wall Ball (20)/KTE


    Got this in with Jess, Erin, and Alison this morning. Better than I thought I would do on this. Hopefully, back to get the CFC workout later this afternoon.

  3. Holly says

    Great article Emily!

    first WOD in 3+ weeks and it certainly felt like it but it was good to be back.

    MetCon= 21:17 (scaled, subbed step ups for DU)

  4. says

    Metcon Rx’d:


    HSPU’s caught up to me in round of 10. PU’s were broken too much. WB’s were surprisingly not too bad, just a mental grind. Learning how to work through DU’s when tired.

  5. Brett L says

    Press 5-5-5 – 75-95-105(PR)

    Metcon: 22.20
    Subs = green band for PU & box for HSPU. But, thanks to a little push from Randy I did 20 DUs each round. Last round I did 17 in a row which is far better than the 5 I strung together on Saturday.

  6. MatthewK says

    Press – 75-85-90 Failed on the 5th attempt on the last set.

    Metcon – doubleunders still suck so I cut them in half each round, everything else rx’d

    24:39… a fantastic but awful welcome back wod.

  7. Megan says

    Oh man, I wish I was back today. I’ll be looking to do this one or the Filthy Fifty tomorrow at noon if anyone wants to join me.

    Nice article Emily!

  8. Amy A says

    53-58-63 (previous 1RM)

    hspu with 3 10# plates (started with 2 for 5 reps)

    the hspu killed me.

  9. Erin C says

    7am Mainsite WOD
    P. Snatch @75#
    Wall Balls @ 14#
    Knees to Elbows

    That was a long one. First real workout back since all of the flu like/food poinsoning stuff. Looking forward to a tough week of getting back into the flow of things.

    Good Article Emily!

  10. Gina says

    I can definitely relate to your Crossfit story Emily!

    Situps and Push ups…1 situp/20 push ups, 2 situps/19 pushup…etc. until 20 situps/1 push up


    I think Anjali had posted this workout a little while ago and it was an easy one to get done here at my parents’ house.

    Can’t wait to get back to CFC on Thursday…I really want to get Filthy Fifty and today’s WOD in

  11. Princess says


    There will be no 8PM class on Wednesday the 29th. Make plans accordingly.
    I will be re-posting this daily until then.

  12. Ali G says

    Worked out at CrossFit Impact in Glenview (with my sister)

    3 sets of jumping squats (53#) x12 reps
    rest 90s then
    Handstand hold 60-90s rest
    rest 2mins
    Rinse and repeat…
    He had us do our handstand holds facing the wall to avoid leaning our butt against the wall. It’s a little awkward getting into place, but it keeps you from resting!

    3 rounds
    15 box jumps (20″)
    30 anchored sit ups with an ab mat

    Pre-WOD Carlos had us roll out our IT band – oh my! I couldn’t believe how uncomfortable that was. I will be doing more of those! He helped me with my ankles and shoulders, too. He assisted me in those stretches. I had to cry “Uncle” a few times, but realize I have a lot of stretching I need to do before and after working out.

    I definitely want to make up today’s WOD this week!

    Nice article Emily!! I feel the same!

  13. Bryce says

    PM Workout

    Press – 125/135/140
    Metcon – 15:43
    Ring Push-ups – 22/17/10/10

    A little fatigued from the morning, but I think poor diet and beat up hands slowed me down more. PR on consecutive HSPU w/ 18.

  14. Eric K.M. says

    Press: 95 – 115 – 125(2)

    WOD: 24:06
    This was tough and long. A combination of poor diet and just getting over being sick did not help.

    Post: 15-8-5-5

  15. Adam says

    AM workout: 5mile run on treadmill at 46:37.
    Then did 4×5 weighted pullups @ 40#. Mixed in 2×20 butterflies, 2×20 pistols and 2×20 pushups.

    6pm at the box:
    Presses 115(5)-135(5)-145(5).
    Metcon with one abmat @ 23:21. HSPU’s were brutal as usual.
    Post wod ring pushups 20-15-10-10

  16. Judge says

    Shoulder rehab instead of Strength

    Subbed 95# Push Press for HSPU
    Subbed Ring Rows for Pull-ups
    Subbed 20# dumbell thrusters for Wall-Balls
    Subbed single unders for doubles

    So pretty much I had my own workout going here.


  17. Brett E says

    Press: 95-115-125 (5) – 130 (f), guess just got too fatigued

    Metcon: 17:49 Rx’d

    everything felt pretty good except spent a ton of time on HSPU after the 1st set of 20. shoulders were completely gassed after press and round 1 of this sucker

    Ring PUs: 20-15-10-10

  18. Kelly says

    55-60-65 on the press. My back is still hurting from a bad clean last Sunday so went a bit lighter.

    Wod @ 20:44 rx’d

    Goal was sub 20 so I’m bummed but overall a good/brutal wod after doing last Thursday’s wod yesterday night. 70 pull ups two days in a row!

    Post ring pushups 11-10-11-9

  19. Suz says

    Press 75-80-85
    Worked on fighting the arching of my back.

    Let me just say, I was dreading this workout ALL day! Terrified of it really. I did Thursday’s workout with Kelly yesterday, so my hands were extremely sore and still healing from two blisters. I decided to scale my pullups, using the pink band. I’m so glad I did, because pullups were less painful and I gave myself the chance to work on these double unders.

    I was pretty damn excited after the first round. It took me a while, doing sets of 8-10, with one jump between every double, but I was actually able to get through it!
    Hspu 2 abmats
    14 wb
    Pink banded pullups

  20. Jean says

    L shoulder and wrist still are not right, so stopped the presses at 45#.
    Subbed 10# DB presses for HSPU
    Pull-ups (blue; did as many deadhangs as I could)
    Subbed 10# DB thrusters for WB
    Scaled DUs: 40-20-10
    Need to work on DUs with other moves to develop consistency.

  21. Megan says

    PR is 70#

    first 11 HSPU were 25# plate, 10# little plate and an ab mat, but I added a 2nd little 10# after that.
    Wall balls were 20, then all sets of 10 until the last round which was 8-7.
    Pull ups were pretty broken.

    This definitely didn’t feel good. Never eating like that again.

  22. Karen says


    Metcon: 23 something
    HSPU w/ 25# plate + ab mat
    Pull-ups with purple band
    14# WB

    Did this one with the 9am’ers. First workout back after 4 days of bad eating, drinking and not working out. It hurt really bad.

  23. Princess says

    Press 5-5-5


    Felt strong today on this. I love upper body strength days 😀


    15:08? I don’t know I beat Bryce though so I’m happy

    Wall Balls were the worst

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