Nutrition Bootcamp Today!

Saturday 22May10


Don’t forget we are on the new schedule so no 8am tomorrow. The Nutrition Bootcamp will be from 11am-1pm with an optional post wod if you are interested.

Working out a strategy.

Regular – Hang Snatch (must pass through full squat) 3-2-1-1
Advanced – Hang Snatch (must pass through full squat) 3-2-1-1

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
2 muscle-ups or 6 pull-ups/6 ring dips
5 power cleans (155/95 or 60-65% of 1RM Power Clean)
20 double-unders

Post – 3 x max kipping pull-ups (90 seconds rest)

Post loads, rounds, and reps to comments.


  1. skins says

    MM was a monster success! If you know what MM is, great and just remember that the first rule of MM is that you never talk about MM and that is all I have to say about MM!

  2. Tim R. says

    95(3),105(2), 115(1),125(f)x3, 125(1). Kept getting closer on 125 and then finally. Slow but trusted in the form. It took awhile to get aggressive into these–my 115 felt better than 95.

    WOD: 4rds and 5 cleans @ 6 pull/rings, 135#, 10dbls.

  3. Eric D says

    #65-3, #85-2, #115-1, #125(f)
    WOD: 4 rounds, 6 pullups/ring dips, 5 cleans #115, 18 DL’s. 2 away from getting 5 rounds. Lost all my focus on the DL’s because I was panting like a dog.

    Post WOD Kipping Pullups: 15-9-9

  4. AllDay says

    Snatches–Just worked on form at light weight (#95). Need to get rid of the “hitch” on the way up.

    Metcon @ #155: 5 rounds + 3 pullups

    I really need to learn muscleups…

  5. Bryce says

    Partner WOD post Nutrition Seminar w/ MattG

    100 push-ups
    150 double-unders
    125 wall balls
    6750# of clean and jerks (59 reps @ 115#)
    5 burpee buy-in with every broken set


    This was the order we chose. It was definitely a mistake choosing clean and jerks last. We weren’t moving too quickly on those after everything else.

    Great seminar. Always good to have some positive reinforcement on the nutrition side.

  6. unnamed runner says

    Partner WOD post Nutrition Seminar w/ Alex

    4xxx# of clean and jerks (?? reps @ 95#)
    100 push-ups (i did 35?)
    300 regular to sub double-unders
    125 wall balls (did 49?)
    5 burpee between sets

    dunno time…last to finish…

  7. emmitt says

    hang snatch #155

    5 rds rx for metcon

    did “kari” after

    I think 13:?? the clock got turned off on my last rd.

  8. Billy S says

    Doing MM next to Skins was super fun. He gave January and I a run for our money until he revisited those wings from earlier, haha.

    Ran the ABTA 5K at Soldier Field. Finished in 19:08 which was 7th place overall.

    Came in and did Kari at West Loop with a large class. Push press and power cleans at 95#, DL at 145#. Time was 12:40 I think. Looking forward to Sunday/ rest day!

  9. John A says

    “Kari” @ West Loop

    11 Push Press/Jerks (155/95)
    11 CTB pull-ups
    400M Run
    29 Power Cleans (155/95)
    29 Burpees
    400M Run
    28 Deadlifts (155/95)
    28 Box jumps (24″/20′)
    400M Run


    Did this RX @ 155#s, glad I did. Definitely hard to come back to this, but much needed. Glad everyone that made it out did this as well. You guys are awesome.

    You really have no idea how much this means to me – thanks again to everyone. Kari would be proud.

    I think I’ll be doing this once a month or so at an open gym, just as a reminder… so if you are in, just let me know.

  10. John A says

    Oh yeah! Randomly strung together my first 2 consecutive muscle ups post Kari as well… for some reason I find them easier when my mind is elsewhere.

  11. Fury says

    Partner WOD post seminar with Chastity and Alison G.

    4750# C&J (63 reps of 75#)
    100 push-ups
    125 WB (14#)
    150 Double-unders
    *Each person had to do 5 burpees before they were allowed to jump in on any of the above. Not horrible until we got to double-unders. If you stopped, you automatically had to switch partners.
    Always fun to do a partner WOD…this one was even better because I had TWO great partners. As a result, our reps were scaled down, but given it was the 2nd WOD of the day for me, I was okay with this.

  12. Ali G. says

    I made up Saturday’s WOD on Sunday morning:

    Worked on hanging snatch form with 33# and 55#’s. I haven’t worked on these since December. Thanks Emi, Kurt and Kerry! I had Kurt puzzled by my unintentional backwards hop rather than staying in place. It needs work…

    Metcon:4 rounds plus 4 power cleans
    Pull ups (purple band)/6 ring dips (used a pink band under my knees)
    60# power cleans (needed to go heavier – 70ish?)
    20 DU’s – tried to string at least 10 and mostly did, but as much as I love the rope DU’s drain my energy pretty fast.

    Post WOD – Practiced kipping without a band.

  13. Amy A says

    hang snatch

    pullups and dips with pink band
    60# power cleans
    4 rounds plus 6 pullups

  14. LRC says

    Hang Snatches: 53 x 3, 63 x 2, 73 x 1, 83 x 1

    I don’t get why hang snatches are so much less comfortable for me than regular snatches. Kept weight light to focus on form.

    10 Min AMRAP 2 muscle ups*, 5 power cleans (95#), 20 double unders
    3 rounds + 2 double unders

    *Pre-WOD, I finally got over my mental block and got my first muscle up since we moved to the new box. Unfortunately, once the WOD started, I attempted another and my hand slipped through the ring and I ended up crashing with the ring slamming into my armpit. Ouch. Was hurting a lot and couldn’t get the nerve up to keep attempting, so I switched to jumping muscle ups for the remainder.

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