CrossFit Chicago Gym Rules


  1. May attend classes during posted class times
  2. Must always check in at the front desk and let them know what you are here for (ie Westside, Crossfit Class, Sweatfest etc)
    1. If attending more than one class per visit, please let the front desk know.  Even if on a Platinum membership, we monitor check-ins to make sure that we have the proper staff on hand to make the experience the best it can be.
  3. May attend Open Gym Hours (1 class will be deducted from monthly allotment).
    1. If attending class and would like to stay after or come early to Open Gym, you will only be charged 1 check-in.
    2. Open Gym will be staffed by a coach but not led by a coach.  Members will be able to work on anything they chose, make up a workout from one of our offered programs, or come up with something on their own.
    3. Advanced Open Gym Hours may only be attended by those who have tested in.
  4. May use cardio equipment (rowers, bikes, ski ergs, air dynes) in stretching area (as long as doing so isn’t interfering with a class) as well as the loft equipment* during class hours.
    1. If you chose to do this before or after class, you may do so for free (you will not be charged a class)
    2. If you wish to come in separately (just do cardio and not participate in class), you will need to check in with the front desk and you will be charged a class.

Loft Rules*

  1. Members may use the equipment in the loft area during class times.
  2. Not permitted in the loft space:  Olympic lifting of any kind, dropping weights on the floor (this includes rubber dumbbells), box jumps,burpees, double-unders and metcons.

Have fun, make friends and….

Don’t be THAT guy!

Or THIS one!

This ONE either!