Gymnastics Clinic | Beginners

02/17/2016 - 6:30pm

CrossFit Chicago

With the open just around the corner, gymnastic skill work is something everyone can use​. ​ O​ur guest member for the month, Elyse, has offered to run a couple clinics for us. If you come in the evening or on the weekends​,​ maybe you’ve seen her around​. ​S​he’s pretty badass. Not only has she competed in the CrossFit Games 3 times, but she’s been doing gymnastics pretty much her entire life. ​ ​S​o​,​ she knows her stuff.

This beginners class will cover hollow/arch positioning taught in 4 steps on the ground, then on a bar and applied to the kipping movement. Headstands, core engagement and handstand drills will be included​,​ as well.

Beginners Clinic Sign up & Checklist​