1. Nikki Y says

    Won’t be able to come in at all this week, BUT left a tub of ten-ish paleo brownies in the fridge. They’re next to the pony keg of Heineken with Gina’s name (so please save her one)! Please save me from myself and eat them!!

  2. The Shah says

    9am with coach Carolyn….

    I think many of us were hungover…..Jared, Josh, and myself.

    Team : Rob/Me

    Sequence of events:
    50 pullups/100situps
    800m run/sled walk(400m)
    Plank Hold/500m row
    100 squats/50 pushups
    KB carry(400m)/800m run

    -sled walk was a calf buster, runs were chilly but not to bad, and farmers carry was ridiculous.

    Go Bears!

  3. Megan T says

    Small WOC today. Paired with Erica. Not sure of our time, but probably around 50ish minutes. Pretty good workout, minus the rain. It was cold out there!

    Thanks to Rudy and Coaches for allowing us to get a workout in today!

  4. The Ambassador says

    Just a thank-you to Rudy, Jonny and the coaches for figuring out a way to have weekend classes. Much appreciated! I had a great workout with Emi and Carrie yesterday. Feeling the 100 situps today… and loved the sled pulls.

  5. Kitty says

    I already put it in email, but I’m putting it here too…Thanks CFC for working out an option for folks to come in this weekend. I have always appreciated how CFC has a wide range of class times/days, and I still consider this a huge advantage of our program. Life is busy and stressful enough as is, and the flexibility of our schedule is awesome! Without it, I would probably be at the globo gym all the time with some combo of personal training and workouts on my own, which I do not prefer, as it has nearly zero community, less good equipment, and is far less interesting and fun!

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