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WOD is posted on our FB page and in ZenPlanner.
Also, please enter through double-glass doors on Willow St.

Why Not? (repost from 2012)
-Kelly Johnson

Are you not signed up for the Open yet? Or are you one of the 50+ (current 2017 count) who has signed up for the Open already? You’ve heard a lot of the reasons why to sign up for the Open lately. (Watch the video above!) For now though, let’s focus on something different – the reason(s) why you don’t want to sign up for it….

A very valid reason. Competing is sometimes scary, especially the Open. We don’t know the workouts, movements or weights that we’ll be asked to do week to week. Fear often drives the decisions we make in the gym daily- Do you go RX’d? Do you scale? Do you go into do the workout posted for the day? Do you post your time? But honestly, fear is meant to be overcome. When we are faced with tough situations, it’s how we attack them that determines our outcomes. If you decide to avoid or go around the tough parts and stay where you are comfortable, you’ll never test your limits. You’ll never know the ‘what if’ outcomes. If you never try something new, how will you know if you can or can’t do it? Fear is a limit you put on yourself that you don’t deserve.

Yep. This will be hard work. It will require you to give your all and then some. But, if you aren’t already doing that in the gym every time you come in, you are already cheating yourself of the progress you could be making. You are cutting yourself short. If you are OK with that, continue to give only 80%, make minimal progress and stop complaining about it. If you aren’t, make a change. Decide to start giving everything you have, starting with the Open. We all want to be better than yesterday or else we wouldn’t be working out. We want to be healthier, stronger, and overall better moving individuals. Here’s 5 more workouts to contribute to that.

It’s 5 weeks, 5 workouts. Maybe you can’t make Fridays all the time. Cool. You have until Monday at 7p to submit a score; just let the coach of your class know you need to be judged and we’ll make it happen! Maybe you’ll be traveling during one of the weeks or weekends. I have great news- you can do these at any CrossFit gym while you are away; as long as you get judged by a registered judged and validated by a CF affiliate in good standing. The Open is meant for anybody.

Legit. When I signed up last year I was very doubtful that I’d be able to do every workout RX’d or even at all as I was still very new to Crossfit. However, workout to workout, I grew in confidence and was able to overcome the doubt I had. When it came time to jerk a weight repeatedly I never thought I’d be able to move, I did it. When it came time to overhead squat more than I ever had before multiple times, I did it. Even when it came time to do Fran backwards-ish and with chest to bar pull ups, I did it. I got through it all and it made me stronger, more confident and eager to challenge myself more. Similar to fear, doubt only sets limitations. It’s what holds you down. No matter how short your Crossfit experience, ask yourself this- have you done something you never thought you’d be able to do? Most likely that answer is yes. Don’t you want to see how much more you are capable of?

Duh. If you are nervous, that means you care. There isn’t one competition I do that I don’t get extremely nervous for- on a field or in a gym. I’m not going to sugar coat it for you; sometimes it’s really hard to deal with. Sleeping the night before is often impossible. The day of your head is racing with thoughts. You stomach is tight and full of butterflies. But with time I’ve learned how to manage it better and actually allow it to drive me to succeed. It’s only been more experiences with competition that has allowed me to develop as an athlete with a stronger mental attitude. Half of the battle is mental so once you learn how to conquer that, you are one step ahead and closer to kicking more a$$.

$20 (plus tax)?
Really? If anything it goes to better the sport you love. Also, the Saturday workouts don’t count as one of your weekly visits. So really, it’s a deal!

Honestly, who forces you to workout every day? We show up and do this for ourselves. For fun. This is a luxury that we often take for granted. Remember that the next time you want to complain while working out. And remember that during this week when you contemplate signing up for the Open. It’s a great opportunity that over 50+ of us have already decided to take. Will you? No excuses. Just sheer effort, determination and heart. That’s all it takes.



WOD is posted on our FB page and in ZenPlanner.
Also, please enter through double-glass doors on Willow St.

Member of the Month | JB

Please welcome our next Member of the Month, JB! He’s come a long way since his first day with us over four and a half years ago. Hear what gains he’s made since then and how he’s applied CrossFit to his everyday life. Not only has JB made his presence known as an athlete, but he’s also become a very active member of our community. You’ll always see him walking in with a positive attitude, actively seeking more info form the coaches, and encouraging the new members; but you’ll definitely hear from JB more around Open season as he’s made sure the M.E.A.T. was still around for past, current and new members. Congrats, JB, thanks for being awesome!