CrossFit Chicago is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of down town Chicago. With over 11,000 sq ft, we have everything a fitness fanatic could ever need in one convenient location. Some of the details include:

  • Indoor parking
  • Men’s and Women’s locker rooms with showers
  • Men and Women’s Olympic barbells and Olympic plates (rubber and steel composite)
  • Kettlebells and Dumbells
  • Weighted medicine balls (6-30#)
  • C2 Rowers
  • 2 Tractor Tires (325# and 450#)
  • Members Library with nutritional books, training books, and more
  • Rogue Fitness Reverse Hyper and Plyometric Boxes
  • Refrigerated drinking fountains
  • Slam balls (10-50#)

Our front room is used primarily for CrossFit and has 2 cages and over 100ft of useable space for pullups, squatting, wallballs, ring dips, muscle ups, rope climbing etc.


Our Back room is used for our Advanced athletes and our Westside power lifting program. The backroom has 2 Oly platforms, a rogue cage, plenty of benches and squat racks, rings, chains, bands, and almost anything else a strength and conditioning athlete could want.

Come for a tour and stay for a workout. Learn how to get started here!