WOD is posted on our FB page and in ZenPlanner.
Also, please enter through double-glass doors on Willow St.


  1. alex says

    AM intervals at home before breakfast

    4 sets
    500m row
    40 pushups
    30 overhead plate lunges (45#)
    20 ab wheel rollouts

    work:rest = 2:1

    TIMES – went from about 6:03 – 6:20ish on the work periods so rest was 3-3:05. lunges were rough and pushups were unbroken on set 1 and 30+10 on the other 3 sets

  2. TimM says

    @JoeP5 – I hope we are on the same MEAT team!!!!! If you get to pick someone for the draft please pick me to be on your team!!!!!!!

  3. Silvia says

    Body was feeling pretty beat up from the last couple days

    5pm with Dana

    Snatch to 115#
    Wasn’t feeling the best. Probably could have pulled 120…oh well

    Metcon : 12:28? Ish
    HSPU with ab mat
    5wall walks for handstand walk

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