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Nov 2015

Daily WOD

Happy Thanksgiving


8a CrossFit/SweatFest, 9a CrossFit/SweatFest

8a Open Gym, 9a CrossFit, 10a SweatFest, 11a CrossFit


Partner WOD

35min AMRAP of:
500m Row
50 Sit-ups
40 Air Squats
40 Power Wall Balls (20/14)
30 Burpees
30 Toes-to-bar
20 Push-ups
20 Pull-ups

*partners split all reps equally

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This time last year..... Bryce posted his his favorite traveling snacks.


Throwback Post: Staying Clean Around The Holidays

The holidays are upon us, which for most of us means endless celebrations, office parties, and family get togethers. All of these most likely include lots of food and alcohol. A lot of us are on the path to better health and nutrition, so don’t let the holidays get in your way. The average person can gain 5-8 pounds this time of year! WOW. The following are jut a few things to keep in mind to avoid becoming one of those average people.

1. Eat something before you go
It may sound obvious, but the less hungry you are, the less likely you are to indulge in something that you shouldn’t. Before heading out to that party, make sure you have filled up on something nutritious that will hold you over. Proper hydration also plays a large roll, too. Drink plenty of water during the day so that dehydration isn’t mistaken for being hungry.

2. Think about how you will feel later
Sure, that freshly baked cookie might taste good now, but how are you going to feel physically and emotionally later? Whenever I pass on something I know I don’t need, I’m more upbeat and confident in myself when I go to bed. Before you take a bite out of those cookies, ask yourself if you will regret it later.

3. Get your sweat on
Traveling schedule keeping you from the gym? Make up your own workout! That is the beauty of crossfit. Even without a gym or equipment, you can get a great sweat going in just a few minutes. Burpees may be a bitch, but they require very little room and no equipment with a quick sweat. Pushups, sit ups, lunges, air squats, handstands, and planks are all great bodyweight movements to keep in mind. Also, if you google travel WODs you’ll find a million different options to keep you occupied and in shape.

4. Lastly, think about the big picture
Remind yourself why you eat and live the way you do and how that makes you feel. Bryce says it best: no one forces you to eat shitty food. Make your own smart decisions over the holidays!

Have travel and holiday survival tips of your own? Feel free to post to them to the comments. Happy Holidays everyone!


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